Ending World Divorce with Successful Relationship Coaches


Ending World Divorce with Successful Relationship Coaches


For my birthday today, I have a present for you and every Relationship Coach who wants to have a more playful, passionate relationship and help others have the same.

*Drumroll, please!*


Where it’s all about becoming a wildly successful relationship coach without having to work 24/7 so you can prosper, have the relationship you want and make an impact in the world.

I’m sharing all my best stuff and it’s completely free! 

Episode #1 is all about ending world divorce with successful relationship coaches. 

I share exactly what I did to single-handedly turn my marriage around and make it passionate and gratifying again. You’ll hear why my marriage story went viral when I shared it on the BBC and how I helped build a multimillion dollar coaching organization where I’ve empowered thousands of women to have vibrant happy marriages and hundreds of coaches to become wildly successful.

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I’m Master Relationship Coach Kathy Murray and Creator of Next-Level Coaching.  I’ve helped thousands of women fix their marriages and hundreds of relationship coaches become wildly successful while increasing their intimacy, impact and income.

But it wasn’t always that way. 

At first, I couldn’t help anybody with their marriage because I couldn’t even save my own marriages–the first one fell apart and my second marriage was looking bleak. And I wasn’t trained in coaching, or relationships. All my training was in accounting. I had a good, safe job as a Chief Financial Officer of a prestigious private school, where I made a lot of money and supported my family. I couldn’t see giving that up. We depended on the money!

So it’s kind of crazy how I ended up becoming one of the best relationship coaches in the world then helped empower hundreds of relationship coaches to become wildly successful.

But let me start at the beginning… I want to share my marriage story from an interview with my mentor, friend and coach Laura Doyle from her Empowered Wife Podcast so you can hear how I first saved my own marriage from the brink of divorce, which qualified me to become a relationship coach to help others do the same.